It is my pleasure to have the opportunity to Recommend Ms. Mouji Linarez
In working in an Integrated Design and Construction Process. For the past 12 years, I have worked directly with Mouji on conceptual, Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and Integrated Projects. Tasked with a designing to budget approach a process different than most preconstruction efforts. Rather than focusing only on maintaining the Contractor’s budget and expecting the Owner and Design team come up with solutions. She worked hand in hand with the ownership and design teams to provide cost information and construction methodology to provide the most cost-effective and functional solutions. When the project budget is off target, she understands what is most important and helps to develop an ultimate solution. She listens and asks questions to reveal the project components that are flexible and researches product and construction solutions to present to the team that will meet team expectations.

Mouji has over the years worked in a kind of partnership based upon trust and mutual success. Acting as part of an Integrated Team that makes decisions that meets the customer’s priorities and guiding principle. This methodology involves working in a rapid pace, and demanding environment, full of conflicting priorities it is a pleasure to work with a contractor who looks through a wider lens than is typical projects. She enjoys a loyal customer and design team relationships.

We all understand that the future our industry will eventually be in the hands of our young professionals with the skills and open mind to adjust to me methodologies and to meet the ever-evolving changes of the construction industry. This not only relates to construction and design of large project, but to projects of all sizes and complexities. Ms. Linarez exemplifies the dedication we need in profession. These efforts are rare and should be encouraged.

Virgil Campaneria

Mouji and I worked together on several large and complex healthcare project opportunities.  Mouji has a way of creating a sense of unity and teamwork with architects, consultants, contractors and clients. One of the many reasons I truly enjoy working with Mouji is that she makes everyone on the team look good! What I mean by that is she is so organized, thorough and thoughtful on each project she handles.

Mouji’s leadership skills, positive attitude and enthusiasm is part of the experience you can count on when working with her. I have learned a lot from Mouji’s leadership and can-do attitude. I would highly recommend Mouji as someone that can lead a team and get the job done!

Rania Sadrack

Mouji offers a unique perspective to business development in an everchanging A/E/C industry.  She combines both understanding of the client’s key business drivers, particularly healthcare clients, with lean delivery processes.  The results are strategic construction approaches that results in time and cost savings.

Mouji operates with complete transparency, that builds trust and empowers the team to drive key decisions.  She believes in bringing subcontractor partners into the conversation early for their contributions in accurate constructability advice and reliable market pricing.  Mouji understands that we cannot build buildings the same as we did 15 yrs ago. She believes it can be more innovative, more efficient and more collaborative.

Janice Poley